Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 1

Today closes out the first week of our official school year. It was good all-in-all.
Girls at start of art session
Monday was perfect!
Tuesday was... i wouldn't call it school.
Wednesday was great!
Thursday was so-so.
Friday was decent.
Saturday was great. (A friend did art with the girls which was an added bonus to our first week.)

A few tweaks to be made but I think we will have a good semester.

My pix weren't good but I tried

The Boy with one of his history lessons. We are used a few resources this year.This is little passports. I have been wanting to try it and a great deal came through by way of groupon or livingsocial so we got it. First session was good.

A friend gave Peace a flower.

Faith making her stela for her Ancient South American class.

The Boy and I prepping to enter the hive.

The bees are doing their thing but built comb in second box not quite like I planned.

Peace eating on the job (as photographer).

One side cleared

Before we clear the other side. I was late with the thought to take before and after photos.

Something thoroughly enjoyed the sunflower seeds.

The Boy harvesting sunflower seeds

Can you tell she didn't want me to take her photo?

This is the after picture.


Faith drying lettuce.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wondering If/When...

As I finally sit down after toiling non-stop in the house to break for maybe 20minutes I am wondering if or when I will put my urban farmer hat on. This past garden was great, but with the realities of my world it was/is hard to maintain. And the children really aren't interested. In theory, yes. The practical application not so much.
Faith Making Zucchini Bread
 I do realize that part of the problem was me scheduling way too much stuff at the height of the season. It just went down hill from there. But praise God we are still reaping the fruits of the initial labor. As I look at this month alone we were literally away from home 2/4 weeks. I do not regret the excursions at all. Just stating the facts.
I have never attempted a winter garden but I want to... I think. That means stuff (space cleared and certain things planted) should have been done. So I'm already late. And with us starting the traditional part of our schooling tomorrow and WHATNOT I do not foresee really having the time until Friday, if then.  Hmmm. I need to think this over. Even if I do make it happen I need to commit to caring for it. Also need to chart harvesting times to make it work, or see if it will work, with other realities.

Then there are the other issues that make me feel guilty if I do not...

  • Having the space.
  • Food Security
  • Healthier
  • Hands-on science
  • Can I really see my yard not producing?

 Anyway, a lot to ponder. I think first thing is to set a date this week to check on the bees. The Boy will be happy about that.

Images from our time off the grid:

boys will be boys

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake

 I'm not a history buff but it does intrigue me and it was my minor in college. During a recent expedition of mine I happened upon White Rock Lake. It reminded me of Columbus "discovering" America except I did not exploit the land or inhabitants. Anyway, I really just happened upon it and had to stop. So my first trip was rather brief as I was en route to somewhere else. However, it was so beautiful, peaceful, and pleasant I had to go back. It was an oasis just beckoning me to return. So that I did.
If you are interested in learning more, I found this link to be informative. Brief History of White Rock Lake

Those reeds were teeming with life.

If we are blessed to visit it again I hope we can bike around it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Arizona's Science Center

My family was recently blessed with the opportunity to go to Phoenix, Az. We had a lot of fun. The science center.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my life in photos...

If I had to pick 5 photos from my phone to describe the past month...
Late Nights

Parenting. Celebrations. Family (immediate, extended, chosen)

growth (hair but other ways too)

Faith's new hobby