Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vision Is the Ability to See Invisible Things

Greetings and Peace,
It has been a minute since I blogged. Yesterday I was in the mood but other duties kept calling. This one will be short and sweet. Overjoyed that I am "finished" with the coop. I put finished in quotes because we recently had strong winds that got under a portion of the roof and ripped a good piece of it off so I put weight to hold it down until I get to it. I had the bright idea to extend the roof to provide shelter for the food. You know, since the children leave the tops off the food bins. Obviously it was a bad idea. This brings up a the fact that I NEED to put gardening time on the schedule because this stuff takes time and for all that I envision it can't be sporadic and inconsistent.
So here are the pics of the run. The run was also made of recycled materials.


hardwire down

even more progress

photo taken byThe Boy

fixed a mistake

the reluctant help
Starting to put up the "walls"

the extra wide door. wanted to be able to be get all sizes of things with no problems

The Boy was posted in the coop. hence the chair