Sunday, May 29, 2011


Salaam (Peace), As we attempt to live a more sustainable lifestyle (and be somewhat prepared for a natural disaster) we have taken up solar cooking. Faith is becoming famous for her chunky applesauce.
I didn't think to grab the camera until she was done prepping and ready to put in solar oven. Nonetheless, here is the part I was able to capture. This took place in Oakland, Ca. We started at 10am. I do not recall the exact temperature but the high for the day was 66 degrees.

Once Wood Stained Table now blue because Faith and The Boy got enough primer (from another project) on it for me to coat the entire table. Gotta love them.

Thermometer in the solar oven after it is set up. Temperature 0 degress

Solar Oven

Thermometer about an hour later. Temperature about 225 degrees.

Thermometer 2 hours later. Chunky Applesauce is ready.Temperature about 275 degrees.

"Mommy, it smells sooooo good."

Yep, It's ready!

I should have captured a picture of them and their friends eating. Maybe next time.

Monday, May 23, 2011

9 Habits of a Healthy Family

Eat with them or do work
Eat with them or just be alone
Eat with them and enjoy these precious moments

All Prasies Due to God I chose to eat with them. We had a lot of fun at the table tonight, like most nights. I was really debating in my mind on whether I would do the right thing for several reasons, which do not need to be mentioned. I am sure we all can create a list. Nonetheless, I would like to share a portion of what we discuseed tonight.
I asked the children what are 9 Habits of a Healthy Family. This is what they came up with. (i am sure i am mixing up the order, trying to combine some):
"9" Habits of a Healthy Family
  1. Pray
  2. Eat
  3. Vacation/Relax
  4. Bike (exercise)
  5. Explore/Learn (museums, science experiments)
  6. Play
  7. Study/Practice religion
  8. Cook
  9. Family Meetings
  10. Individual Goals and Family Goals 
  11. Have a business
  12. Read together
  13. Garden
  14. Build Each Other Up, Not tear each other down
I liked them all so we decided to extend the list.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the Garden

Eggs from the Chickens: Penguin, Goldie, Lady, and Lena
Feeling grateful. Today a friend/parent of one of the children I help to educate asked me what I was cooking for dinner. She was kind enough to drop off the supplies as she picked up her child. She left so quick I was unable to pay her. I called to make arrangements to pay, but she refuses to take my money. Aside from the financial benefit that SAVED ME TIME. She will be leaving here with a dozen eggs next session.

In the Garden

We had to plant 3 times. Yes, three times. This should be really interesting to watch. We started off with seeds. Neatly arranged and organized. Trying to utilize what little knowledge we have collected over the past few years. Two weeks or so later we saw signs of growth. It was lovely. Anyone that has patiently awaited the arrival of sprouts knows how exciting this is to witness.
Well, The Boy left the coop open. That planning, waiting and watering went for naught... I think. The chickens are natural born tillers and eaters so in a matter of 2 hours or less the garden looked as is a hurricane went through it.
Due to time I went to buy a few transplants (half the garden) and decided to plant a few more seeds because transplants can get costly.
Well, The Boy left the coop open, again. At this point I am livid. The few plants that I could save (not many) and the remaining seeds are planted in the garden haphazardly. Not to mention I see stuff coming up from the first round and possibly the second.
I am looking forward to see how all this will play out.


Origins of Academy... Academy has its roots in Plato's philosophy.

I believe I fixed the issue so that folks can comment directly on the link. 

Thanks for all the inspiring words.
I believe that is it for now.

May God continue to Bless Us ALL

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why the Slight Name Change

After learning the origins of the word academy i wasn't feeling it.

"Education is known to have several root words. It is popularly known to be derived from the Latin root 'educo' meaning to 'educe'--to draw out. It also has root words, 'educare' and 'educere.' 'educare' means 'to rear or to bring up' and it refers to child rearing, whereas, 'educere' which is derived from two roots 'e' and 'ducere' means to 'draw out from within' or to 'lead forth.'"

We are striving to draw out the god within and rear children in a righteous manner.

Contribution to the welfare of others

Friday, May 6, 2011

How It All Got Started--kind of

     A.N.N.'s Academy was started in 2005 when we (Robert and Erika) officially took on the awesome responsibility to be the primary educators of our children. We had three students--Peace 5, Faith 3, and The Boy 1. Hence the name. Coincidentally their grandmother's name is Ann. Easy enough. We also realized we needed a name because everyone wants to know what school you attend. And well, most times it is easier to just say a name instead of saying "we homeschool."
     Per my proofreader's request, Faith : ) She would like me to go deeper into the matter.
     I have always been partial to homeschooling. Never experiencing it (in these terms, at least), never knowingly knowing anyone that had been homeschooled. It just seemed natural to me. Maybe it is because the amount of time my dad invested in me as a child. I have some memories of school but the bulk of my childhood memories that involve actual learning revolve around my dad. Funny thing is that I never saw myself homeschooling my own children.
Fast Forward a bit. Faith 1, Peace 3.
I began to look at schools to prepare myself and children for the task ahead. Preschool was really to give me some solo bonding time with Faith. After MUCH searching we settled on a spot. It was a "homeschooling" setup--small, black, mixed ages (interacting family style). They welcomed, encouraged, parent participation. And to top it off it was walking distance from our house.
Peace seemed to enjoy it there but one day she requested to stay home with me. Of course I asked why. Her response was simple, "Mommy. I learn more and have fun with you." She was persistent in her claim. Not in the whiny this is torture going here 3 days a week kinda way. Just in a if i had my druthers, this is not how i would utilize my time kinda way. Robert agreed and supported. We finished out the school year, which allowed me time to transition--mentally. And as they say, "the rest is history."