Sunday, November 27, 2011

Peace's Art

These are all pictures that I drew last week.

If You're Not Conserving Water You Outta

I hope this finds you all well. I wanted to do a brief post on conserving water. I do not think we are experts and I know we can do better but this is just one way we have added to doing our part to waste less.
What I do is keep a container with a funnel behind the sink area so people can pour water that would ordinarily be poured down the drain into the container. This water is then used to water our compost bin. The idea came from my grandmother. When we were younger she kept a watering can near the sink and would then water her plants with the water. I don't do house plants but I do need to water the compost bin. I can't wrap my mind around taking "fresh" water out the water hose to water compost so instead of watering house plants I use the water for our compost bin.

The above photo simply displays one cooking session. I made soup which requires beans to be soaked. I poured that water into a container. I made a salad which requires cleaning veggies. I poured that water into a container. Then I had the children pour the containers of water into the compost bin. (The bag in the middle has veggie scraps for the chickens so they won't go in the garbage either). I also think this batch has water from rinsed dishes. Nonetheless, you get the gist.

Yes, this system does take a little more time but i feel it is worth. And having the children empty the water for me is a big help.

Like always, I hope this inspires you to do your part and waste less. And if you have other water savings suggestions please share. Below you will find the links to some of our water savings jams. If you know of others, please recommend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Peace's Reading Log

Reading Log
  • Graceling, Fire
  • Sphinx's is Princess
  • The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay
  • Animal Farm
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • The Royal Diaries
Most of these books are series but, some of them I haven't read yet.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

October 2011

It is official, the more modern day school part of our lives has kicked in and is going well. The children are taking Islamic studies, Math, Science, History, Spanish, Writing, Independent Projects, Nature Studies, Family documentaries and books, good ole wkbk time, and Nasir has Lego Engineering and P.E. I still have yet to incorporate everything i want into it all. However, we all think it is going really well and one of our best semesters in quite awhile.
We have also started an informal buying club where a few families come together and purchase the things we need at wholesale vs retail prices.
Also started on the new coop. I believe that is it.
Anyway, her are a few pictures that I found in the computer from the month. There were tons of the chickens. The children are always taking pictures of them. I am thankful for digital cameras so they can take as many pictures as their hearts desire.

Building in his "spare" time

Attempting to make banana bread on their own.

Art in her "spare" time
My collection of boxes for a gardening project.

And it was discovered that the chickens like to lay eggs beneath this pile of boxes.
Nasir playing with the puppets at the library.

The Boy working on a science lab with his sister's help.
Chickens Chilling
These are a few pictures of me splitting the goods I purchased with another family. You do not have to share if you order something. Our two families just decided to.

What? When y'all get home from Nature Studies you have to shake out your gear. Good thing coat was left in the garage. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

The Boy was eating and decided to make a model of how much water covers the earth. 75%.

Peace attempted to build the chickens shelter from the rain.They didn't trust it! They wouldn't go near it.

Do you see that blue dumpster in the back? There was a pallet on top. That was the inspiration behind the new coop.

Checking on worms in worm bin. Going to feed them and start another bin with some from these.

That is a headlamp on my head. I think we took on this project in the pm.

The Boy making molecules.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sept. 2011

Greetings and Peace, As I am reflecting on these past few months, what worked what didn't. What to add or take away next semester i began to look at the family photos. We had a lot going on in September, but it was a great start to a new "academic" year. I say that in quotes because we are always engaged in learning. However, this is around the time that we do, along with most others get a little more schooly. Well, that really didn't happen until Oct but y'all get the picture.
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Mom, really? (Aminah ran off so i couldn't capture her on the makeshift tables.)

Yes, that is my leather Ethan Allen couch on top of the garage. Maybe I should have hired professional movers. Seriously, Thanks Again to a few of the men folk in my family that helped us move.

This is the first of many times I had to figure out where the chickens laid their eggs. Children were/are not great with this task. As you can see they just pile up until I am thinking, is it time for stew? And go out in search for myself. Everybody gotta earn they keep.

Not greatest picture of me but I am usually behind the camera so one of the only pictures of me. Obviously I am tired.

Getting of the grid for a week. It bees like that sometime.

Catching lizards, water spiders and such.

I think this is us headed to glass beach.

How do you make the Actual Facts and all other subjects come alive? Take a trip to the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoying time on the beach after a hike.

"I wasn't sleep!"

Yep, another stash.

And they got to go see their GREATgrandmother. All Praises Due to Allah!  
In Nasir's geography book we read about in the Artic men cut holes in the ice so that they can fish. He said he didn't understand so we made an ice-e to show him how it works.