Thursday, November 29, 2012


We want to give a BIG thanks to our loving and supportive community for helping us achieve our goal of raising money to get passports so we can finally take a trip abroad.

We normally have an Awesome chart hanging in our house. The awesome chart is where we post personal goals that we have accomplished that are awesome to the individual posting. For instance, it is NOT a place for me to post how awesome it is that Faith finished her current math book with an A- and will start pre-algebra next semester. It is a space where she can post that she is awesome because she learned how to crochet a star to add flair to the hats she makes. This month's chart is a little different.

We worked together to create a poster to tell all the communities we belong to thank you for supporting us. Whether it was by purchasing one of our products, giving a donation, helping us to advertise, or wishing us well in our endeavor. We are grateful. In addition to the trip we hope to take we have this to remind us of all the wonderful people we are surrounded by.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

SOMETIMES it is better

Sometimes it is better to change your mind, way of thinking, about a thing. Emphasis on the sometimes.
This is nothing new but has been on my mind recently. The other day while I was washing dishing, I know... another blog stemming from me washing dishes. Anyway, the other day while I was washing dishes I had to check myself and my thought process. I mentally complained about one thing, then another and had to tell myself to hold up. This is not how I roll and not how I am going to start. So I changed my mind about the few things I was complaining about and in less than 5 minutes I was back to smiling and laughing.

Don't act like you all don't have those moments, too. Let me give you a few examples:

"Dang! I gotta comb ya'll hair again."
change of mind response: God, thank you for blessing me and trusting me to guide two girls for your service.

(Huge Sigh) More dishes to wash. Seems like I am always washing dishes.
change of mind response: God, thank you for blessing us with food to eat and dishes to eat it on.

You get the picture?

Fast Forward while rewinding. I think mind changes was subconsciously on my mind from a passage I had read a few days ago. It is not as light weight as the stuff I was experiencing but still speaks to the power of changing the mind. I also emphasize sometimes, because it depends on how you change your mind. Can you imagine if Harriet Tubman would have oriented her mind to be "ok" with slavery? Nat Turner? David Walker? The Maroons? Etc, Etc I didn't want to get into this. Let me post the passage:

When Columbus was selling Queen Isabella on the wonders of the America's, the Indians were "well built" and "of quick intelligence." "They have very good customs," he wrote, "and the king maintains a very marvelous state, of a style so orderly that it is a pleasure to see it, and they have good memories and they wish to see everything and ask what it is and or what it is used." Later, when Columbus was justifying his wars and his enslavement of the Natives, they became "cruel" and "stupid," "a people warlike and numerous, whose customs and religion are very different from ours."
It is always useful to think badly about people one has exploited or plans to exploit. Modifying one's opinions to bring them into line with one's actions or planned actions is the most common outcome of the process know as "cognitive dissonance," according to social psychologist Leon Festinger. No one likes to think of himself or herself as a bad person. To treat badly another person whom we consider a reasonable human being creates a tension between act and attitude that demands a resolution. We cannot erase what we have done, and to alter our future behavior may not be in our interest. To change our attitude is easier.

 Just food for thought.

I think I read this on or around Thanksgiving, which brings me to more food for thought. Many people say they do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Ok sure. Instead the reasoning (change of mind) is that we are celebrating family. I am not saying that you are not, however I am skeptical. Have we wrapped our mind around a more palitable way to swallow the pill? Can family not choose a different day/way to celebrate each other? Or can family go and participate, or dialog at dinner even, in an activity that helps to educate self and others of the atrocities associated with this "holiday". Or do we as a community continue to leave that up to the schools to do? Or do we subconsciously believe and support the genocide that occurred. Or are we just that happy to have a day off that we don't care what the reasoning? I will stop because I am getting all preachy.

"Truth should be held sacred, at whatever cost."

Monday, November 19, 2012

Prayer For Guidance

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficient, The Merciful
Praise Be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds
The Beneficient, The Merciful
Master of the Day of Requittal
Thee Do We Serve 
and Thee Do We Beseech For Help
Guide Us on the Right Path
the Path Upon Whom Thou Hast Bestowed Favors
Not the Path of Those Upon Whom Thy Wrath is Brought Down
Nor of Those Who Go Astray

Friday, November 16, 2012

Talking with my children on this rainy Friday night after a good day and decided to put this song on and dance with my son.
I count my blessings ya'll.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The More I Strive To Live

     About 2 weeks ago the thought came to my mind that the more I strive to live my dreams the more I inspire others to do the same. I felt a little guilty by the thought because it seemed a little ... I can't think of a word to describe precisely what I am thinking. So I brushed the thought aside, especially since it was more of a feeling I was getting. I don't believe that I was told. I think I was gathering it by the energy I was getting from folks. Then a friend called less than 24 hours later and said that I was inspiring her to do something she had been wanting to do. I responded PRAISE BE TO ALLAH. Then a few days later another friend sent me a text that read, " I'm convinced that you're an angel sending me these messages because it's what my family needs too." Once again, PRAISE BE TO ALLAH! Then yesterday, I was speaking with another friend and she said, "That is so inspiring!" At that point I once again said, PRAISE BE TO ALLAH and I submitted. God, at this particular juncture in my life, is blessing me to be an inspiration to others.  Hence I decided to write about it. But not really focusing on me per se, but on all of us.

Can you envision a world where everyone was actively pursuing their dreams? Ok, 75%? 50%? Let's even take it down to 25%? The world would be a different place. Image the energy level of folks. The love that would be more freely circulating. The respect. Namaste comes to mind. (The god in me bows to the god in you).
     Today we participated in the black history club. This month's theme was mathematicians and engineers. It is inspiring to see someone making their dreams a reality. That is one of the reasons we learn about people that are successful, to inspire us. One of the presentations was on Sylvestor Gates, Jr Theoretical Physicist. The interview was brief and I have included the link if you are interested. He was asked, "What advice do you have for students looking to go into science as a career?" I love his response and it fed into a brief but meaningful dialog as well. 

     Anyway, the point I am making is that we all can and do inspire each other so PLEASE do what you can to make your dreams a reality. I am not speaking of just the BIG dreams, but rather all of them.