Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading Specialist

Nadia Muhammad: Reading Specialist
Today I got to watch Faith at work teaching something she loves to do. She was a little nervous at first but by the end she was acting herself and more relaxed. Her students left feeling good and seemed to enjoy themselves. The boy was really excited. He immediately told his dad all about it with a huge smile and ready for the next session.
After the session we discussed where the children are and how she plans to help them to the next level, which included what seems to be a fun game that will get them up and moving while reading.
She also assessed herself to see how she can improve.
This should be fun!

Big thanks to Komoia for referring Faith's first two clients. Much Appreciated!!!!!!! You helped our vision become a reality.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swim Season

Yesterday was the first day of swim season through Oakland Parks and Recreation. The girls are beyond excited so I decided to interview them. (The interviews were conducted separately but I pretty much asked the same questions). Plus it may very well be their last season swimming, on this team at least.

What team do you swim for?
Peace: I swim with the GatorSharks because it is near our house and it is fun.
Faith: GatorSharks. The pool is close to our house and my sister swam for them. The coach asked if I wanted to too. I tried it and liked it.

What do you like about swimming?
Peace: That it is fun and it is a good survival skill to have.
Faith: Swimming is fun. A fun way to exercise. You can also do it year-round.

What are your goals this season?
Peace: To win (1st or 2nd) in all my races. I will probably do the IM (all the strokes--breast, butterfly, freestyle and backstroke) and the breast stroke.
Faith: I want to come in first in all my races.

What is your favorite stroke? 
Peace: my favorite stroke is the breast stroke.
Faith: My favorite is freestyle.

How does swimming benefit you?
Peace: Helps me to exercise and not be afraid of water.
Faith: Helps me to exercise. I probably wouldn't as much if not for swimming.

Do you see yourself as a life-long swimmer?
Peace: No because I am not that good of a swimmer. And it is not what I want to do.
Faith: Think I will but not as a career. I will probably always swim a little bit. I don't ever want to completely stop.

Do you plan to swim year-round?
Peace: Not sure if we will be swimming at all because our family is planning on moving. Not sure if I want to go to a different team.
Faith: Not sure but I would like to. I don't want to change teams tho. This team doesn't swim year-round. I think they are going to start practicing year-round but not have meets. 

What is the funnest part of swim? Not so fun part?
 Peace: Racing and practice when we get to play games. My favorite games are relays when you get to swim with clothes on and have to transfer them like a baton. I also like sharks and minnows.
 The not so fun part is when we have to do 200s back-to-back. A 200 is 8 laps without stopping.
Faith: Funnest is races. Not so fun is having to do a bunch of IMs

How long have you been swimming?
Peace: this will be my 3rd year.
Faith: I swam half the season last year so this will be my first full season.

Championships last year, How well did your team do? You?
GatorSharks took second last year. Peace doesn't recall how well she did. (i think she took 5th in her personal events) Faith took first in her events.

How is it being a Muslim swimmer?
Peace: Basically it is the same. We only dress different.
Faith: Just harder to find a swimsuit. Our parents don't let us where the same suits as the other girls. Our suits are more expensive.

What age group do you compete against?
Peace: 11-13 year olds. I JUST made 11. It is ok I guess. All the girls will be older. I know i will still do well.
Faith: 9-10. I feel fine. I think I will do well.

Any predictions:
Peace: I predict our team will come in first place.

*The team is having a swim-a-thon so if you want to and are able to sponsor one of the girls we would greatly appreciate any and all contributions.

**In case you are wondering. The Boy is taking lessons.


My sister & I both swim for the Fremont Gatorsharks. ( That's why I'm writing in green our team colors are green & black.) Today was my first day at swim team & this is my third year swimming.
Thanks to all those people who have sponsored me so far. I am still looking for sponsors. My sponsor money will go to the team as well as my swim attire. Thank you in advance for any further funds.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

At the firehouse, visiting my dad and trying to figure out how to post on my page of the blog.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How many grams of sugar are in corn salsa? 6 grams
Pizza Sauce? 3 grams
Sunflower Butter? 3 grams
Seven Up? 37 grams

Well what does that mean?
This is us trying to figure it out:

While The Boy did multiplication.
Trying to make math fun!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cherry Season

Cherry picking was fun. I believe all that went had a great time. We got to see folks we hadn't seen in a while. I would have liked to take pictures but I forgot to charge the batteries. Maybe once people, cough cough Michlene, send me pictures I can post.

Nonetheless, Once we got home we immediately got to processing all the goodness we picked. Peace made her first cherry pie all by herself. It was delicious. She even made the pie crust from scratch.

Peace''s first solo cherry pie w/ crust from scratch

Peace showing off her work. She doesn't like this picture.

Faith made cherry sorbet. It looked and tasted delicious. We failed to get a picture before it was gone. Hopefully next time.
We also pitted and froze the rest to use at a later date.

The children would like to go back this season. We shall see. Maybe next time we will take a picture of the sorbet and make some jam.