Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up
Winding Down
This Semester
Peace:It was good. Next semester should be better. I tend to slack at the end. I enjoyed reading Malcolm X. It is a good story. It teaches you a lot and is entertaining. I didn't like the questions that went with Stolen Legacy but I enjoyed the book. Math was ok. I am looking forward to next semester. I didn't care for my current math book, glad it is almost over. Thankful for my parents for putting me in Quantum classes. I enjoy going, I learn a lot and it is fun. The homework is hard.
I like my interactive goal chart, it helps; BUT I don't like having to do it every Sunday.
I am looking forward to a new math book and Quantum classes starting back up.
Peace Creating Her Interactive To Do List

Working on Poster

Black Hist Club Poster in collaboration with Yahnijah

Peace and Emiliano Grooving to His Wii

Presenting to grandparents

It was good, looking forward to starting pre-algebra.
I enjoyed reading Malcolm X. Math was challenging but I got through it and now it is easier.
Very pleased with my crocheting. My stitches look more even and professional. And I learned to embellish my hats.
I am interested to find out what books you have us reading next semester.
Faith's decorated envelop to one of her pen pals

Faith working it out


looking for a button to add flavor to the hat

We play games for math on Thursdays. This is her favorite right now.

One of her hobbies, making doll houses and such from recycled materials.

Exploring at the Oakland Museum

Chilling with her mom

The Boy:
I enjoyed Time4Learning, math (I liked my math a lot), and boat making class. My writing has improved a lot. I like studying the Bible. The part that stood out the most to me is when Abraham was going to sacrifice his son. I think I learned more this semester. And I found some really fun, cool, and educational websites.
I don't really know what we are doing for next semester but I am looking forward to completing my math book and memorizing all my time tables. My mom says it should be like breathing. I can almost do them.
Making a paddle

Learning how to chisel


 proving my answer

Making Flashcards

About to test out paddle

Boat is almost complete.

The Boy making his own herbal concoction.

This semester went well, God willing, the next will be even better.


  1. Oh my gosh, I want to eat them up. But the girls are too big.
    Where are you going on your trip? You remain my homeschooling ideal. . .

  2. Love the blog! I have just come back to reading all (well...okay, most) of the blogs I subscribe to, and yours is always one of the most enjoyable and informative. sounds like it was a great semester!

  3. Wow very inspiring. Definitely something a few mothers I know should look at. Thanks for sharing. Love the boating pictures and Nadiahs creative envelope.