Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do YOU value...

Do you VALUE the PEOPLE and TIME it takes to grow food?
Probably not.

This is a post I started sometime ago but never finished. So many angles to this topic. So I'm just going to post. Plus I'm testing to see if I can post from this site.

Please do me a favor and tell how you value or don't value the people and time it takes to grow food. I'm interested to see the responses. And it doesn't have to be a dissertation. I'll go first.

I don't truly value the time it takes to grow food because I do it as a side thing, never giving it the time it needs/requires. Always squeezing it in, when I know it really is much more important than other areas of my life.
I know folks don't value the people or time just based on the responses I get when I can't do something because I have to tend to my garden. However, those same individuals think it is cool and want the benefits without labor. Or for paying a reasonable price for it.
I do value the people because I am clear that it takes time, commitment, hardwork to do it...consistently...and to be good at it.


  1. I totally value the time and effort it takes to grow stuff and I am so glad that I don't have to rely upon doing it to make a living!

    Nature is so unpredictable and all the creatures biting and sucking at the plants and bees we have are difficult to maintain control over, increasingly so when organic cultivation is preferred.

    I know that most people who don't grow edibles get how difficult it is. I've been asked whether I could grow enough food for an organic baby food line, for example. I don't have that kind of space, time, or interest to produce food for mass consumption. But I've noticed that it doesn't take too much space to grow a lot of veggies (greens) for our family. I could go on and on so I'll stop here at that.

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